The Rehabilitation Centre

Venosan Medical Compression Stockings are available in a wide range of strengths to meet different patient needs. Compression stockings are divided into three classes of compression, with class I as lowest and class III the highest. the actual pressure exerted on the legs are shown in the diagram below.

Which compression stockings should be prescribed?

Class I-  18-21mmHg

Indication for use:

Tired aching Legs
Sports and Work
Mild Oedema
To prevent varicose veins during pregnancy

Class II-  23-32mmHg

Indications for use:

Varicose veins with swelling
Chronic venous insufficiency
Post sclerotherapy and vein surgery
Leg ulcers (after healed)
Varicose veins durinf pregnancy

Class III- 34-46 mmHg (with prescription only)

Indication of use:

Severe varices with oedema
Sever chronic venous insufficiency
Post Thrombic syndrome

Venosan Support socks and stockings

Low Compression- 15-20mmHg

Light support for swelling
Long standing
Elderly Patients who are unable to tolerate or don a higer compression
Where a little pressure is better than none.

Medium Compression- 20-30mmHg

Antibacterial antifungal
Sports, everyday wear and work





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