The Rehabilitation Centre

THERA-Trainer coro 522

The THERA-trainer coro is suitable for all patient that are still able to walk a short distance but have a high risk of falling. The THERA- trainer coro offers perfect condition for fall prevention because it helps with in gaining back strength, balance and reaction rate can be exercised with a lot of fun in a safe surrounding  with these machines.


This profession standing and balancing exercise equipment is basically for users with ability to walk. this equipment includes transport castors, balance unit, simple knee support, pelvic safety belt, stomach cushion, control and display unit with 23″ colour screen with touch function, mobile holder for control and display unit and software package Balancing individual therapy.

THERA-Trainer coro_522_2

Base Unit

  • Stable metal base frame unit with 30 x 110 mm rectangular pipe
  • Four lockable leading pulleys with diameter = 110 mm
  • Eco- friendly powder coating in blue

Tread Unit

  • Stable metal tread with a wear- resistance non- slip rubber mat

Standing/ Balance Unit

  • For users with 150 – 200 cm height and maximum 140 kilos body weight
  • Balance-unit long with low and high spring resistance

Knee Securing

  • Simple knee support
  • end-to-end, padded and removable knee support
  • Adjustable in height
  • Easily washable and Sanitazable

Pelvic Securing System

  • Pelvic safety belts which is fixed on the upper frame with two belts buckles
  • Can be adjusted in length without tools.

Hands/ Arm Securing

  • Two stay tubes that are variably adjustable in distance to the pelvis width of the user.
  • included belt buckles for attaching the patient belts.
  • Height adjustment supported by the gas springs
  • Right and Left side can individually be adjusted in height
  • Easily washable and sanitizable
  • Pipes made of stainless steel with laser marking for height adjustment.

Control and Display Unit/ Software

  • Control and display unit with 23″ colour screen includes touch- function
  • For places that wants to offer group therapy
  • All-in-one-PC with 23″ colour screen incl. touch- function
  • Screen size ca. 280 x 480 mm
  • Mobile holder for control and display unit.
  • Stable metal base with lockable transport castors (Diameter = 100 mm)
  • Adjustable in height, inclination, and distance and pivotal around the axis
  • Storage space for keyboard.
  • Cup Holder – Comfortable quick-start with two buttons
  • Depending on the therapy aim, different therapy sessions can be chosen
  • For each therapy sessions up to five parameters can be adapted quickly and easily
  • Professional user can adapt pre-configured modules to own therapy sessions.
  • The sensor transmits with help of a USB- cable position data from the exerciser to thecontrol and display unit
  • USB interface for easy software update
  • Easy control logic with Start/Stop function
  • Biofeedback “Collect” –The user can collect bone with a dog on the screen by active movement of the pelvis and the trunk
  • Biofeedback “Line” -The user can collect vegetables on the screen by active movements of the pelvisand the trunk
  • Biofeedback ” Ping- Pong” – The user can move a tennis racket vertically or horizontally by active movementof the pelvis and trunk in order to hit a ball on the screen
  • Biofeedback “Position”- The ability of movement of the user can be visualized on a bar by the activemovement of the pelvis and trunk in the frontal and sagittal level.

Safety and Quality

  • CE-Declaration of Conformity according to 93/42/EWG
  • Certified quality management system according to DIN EN 13485
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility according to DIN EN 60601-1
  • Intensive in-process inspections and final examinations incl. electrical safety test.