The Rehabilitation Centre

THERA- Trainer veho 512

THERA-Trainer veho_512-1Base Unit

  • Metal frame- Robust and stable
  • Powder Coating- eco friendly powder coating in Blue
  • 240 Watt electric motor for leg exercising
  • 230 Volt Power Supply

Device Base

  • Device base with castors
  • Large castors on the user side enable an adjustment of the distance
  • Height of the device base includes castors which is 74 mm from ground
  • Tip up protection which protects the wheelchairs from tilting

Upper Body Exerciser

  • Upper body exerciser- recommended for patients with muscular disease, lack of coordination, spacity and contractures in the upper body
  • For passive (motor supported) and active (own muscular power) exercising of the whole upper body
  • Upper body exerciser can be adjusted in height and inclination
  • Includes holder for control and display unit with 10,4″ colour screen adjustable in inclination
  • Recommended for patients with weak muscles and lack of coordination in the upper body.

Hands/ Arms Securing

  • Therapy grips. This has three different ergonomic grip positions
  • it is a tool free attachments
  • Easily washable and sanitizable.
  • Wristbands for therapy grips for securing paralysed and weak hands on the therapy grips

Control and Display Unit/ Software

  • Control and display unit with 10,4″ colour screen incl. touch function
  • High-resolution colour screen with TFT- technology
  • Screen size – 211 x 158 mm
  • Easy control logic with start/ stop control
  • Number of revolution – 0-60 RPM possible
  • Adaptation of rotation direction with soft start and stop
  • Adaptation of resistance from step 1- 15 possible
  • Adaptation of training duration from 0- 180 minutes possible
  • Foot rests are always positioned and held in the lowest / highest position
  • Muscle power can be activated or maintained
  • USB interface for an easy software update and capturing data for documentation and analysis
  • Large Submenu for the user- Large readout of active performance, training time, distance, number of spasms
  • Training Program “Ortho” for constant performance and variable strength input
  • Training Program “Cardio” to exercise in a present pulse range
  • Training Program “Isokinetic” to exercise with constant speed and variable strength input
  • Training Program ” Keeper”- user moves by adaptation of the number of rotations a keeper on the vertical and catches the coming balls
  • Training Program ” Planet”- user can move by forward/backward strength by moving his/her space-ship vertically and therefore avoids planets that comes from the right side.

Safety and Quality

  • Anti Spasm Control
  • With the help of anti spasm control an existing spasticity can be receded
  • The sensibility and rotation direction of the anti spasm control is adjustable
  • It is tested for safety ( certified quality management system according to DIN EN 13485,electromagnetic compatibility according to DIN EN 60601-1,intensive in- process inspection and final examinations incl. electrical safety
  • Voice control emergency stop-user can stop the motor self-initiated by shouting while doing the exercise