The Rehabilitation Centre

Give your body the daily exercise it needs. You can spend your time indoors keeping fit by using these exercisers machines by working on your upper limb and lower limb while you are watching TV, reading or listening to music,even when it’s stormy or snowing outside.

THERA exercisers can be used for patients with a wide range of disabilities.

THERA exercisers helps patients to improve and maintain mobility at home through regular training.

THERA develop and market therapeutic exerciser and dynamic standing trainer, including biofeedback and software concepts for those with physical limitations.

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  • THERA-Trainer coro 522

    THERA-Trainer coro 522

    The THERA-trainer coro is suitable for all patient that are still able to walk a short distance but have a...

  • THERA-Trainer balo 518

    THERA-Trainer balo 518

    Description THERA- Trainer balo 518 is a high class standing and balancing exerciser for high level...

  • THERA- Trainer balo 524

    THERA- Trainer balo 524

    Speaking about variability, the THERA- Trainer balo is unbeatable. It allows to secure feet, legs and pelvis...

  • THERA- Trainer veho 512

    THERA- Trainer veho 512

    Base Unit Metal frame- Robust and stable Powder Coating- eco friendly powder coating in Blue 240 Watt...

  • THERA-Trainer tigo 510

    THERA-Trainer tigo 510

    Description Its a high Class professional exerciser for legs and upper body. THERA- Trainer Tigo 510 includes...

  • THERA-Trainer tigo 508

    THERA-Trainer tigo 508

    Description Its a high Class exerciser for legs and upper body. THERA- Trainer Tigo 508 includes foot rests...

  • THERA-Trainer tigo 506

    THERA-Trainer tigo 506

    Description THERA-Trainer tigo 506 is a professional leg exerciser. it has foot rests with steeples radius...

  • THERA- Trainer tigo 504

    THERA- Trainer tigo 504

    Description Its a high Class leg exerciser. THERA- Trainer Tigo 504 includes foot rests with steeples radius...

  • THERA- Trainer tigo – 502

    THERA- Trainer tigo – 502

    Description Leg exerciser in “compact- class” includes foot rest with 2- stepped radius...