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Dr. Glenn House completes the Pike’s Peak Challenge with e-motion

On September 10, 2011 Dr. Glenn House, a C7 Quadriplegic, conquered the challenge to master 1.679 m / 5.510 ft altitude difference in a manual wheelchair using the push rim activated power assist e-motion M15 from Alber. The event was supported by the Alber US distributor Frank Mobility Systems.

The Pikes Peak Challenge is a unique fundraising event for survivors of brain injury which is held annually.

Alber on Facebook

Since April Alber is also present on the social media platform facebook. Recently about 180 persons are linked as friend with the Alber site.

Among Alber employees, customers, wheelchair occupants and self-help organisations. The site covers latest news and interesting events such as:

      • The attempt of the German group that achieved the first world record with over 30 wheelchair users at the same time on one escalator.
      • The presentation of Scalamobil on a press conference in Russia which will be used to transport handicapped persons over stairs during the Paralympics in Sochi 2014.
      • An Americian physician and wheelchair user whi surmounted 1.700 m altitude with the e-motion M15 to Pikes Peak Colorado (4.200 m) in order to collect money for his charitable society.
      • If you would also like to become a friend of the German Alber Facebook site visit us on :!/UlrichAlberGmbH


What stands behind the company that so successfully sells THERA-Training devices throughout the World?

“Together for a life in motion”: With this slogan, medica Medizintechnik GmbH/Hochdorf has been marketing their broad range of movement trainers to customers. The slogan is also a reflection of the corporate self- image, which the founder and “head” of medica Medizintechnik, Peter Kopf, has been living since the beginning. “I am not interested in the status quo, that works. I am interested in what comes next, what is feasible,“he describes his concept in a conversation with MTD.

Success is not a coincidence. You need visions, ideas and a pinch of luck. Peter Kopf has all of this, he started the company on April 1, 1990 in Hochdorf with the product-launch of his first movement trainer. He knows what he is doing and talking about; after all, five years ago he was at the competitor Reck-Technik and helped to set up the movement trainer department there. However, in 1993 the first comprehensive re-design took place which included the display model – the newly developed THERA-vital movement trainer was successful. From 2004/2005, the program for movement trainers for the private and professional areas was further expanded and optimized, a new business field was created with the BALANCE-Trainer. The sales activities at an international level were further forced.

Currently, medica Medizintechnik is active in 67 countries, the export share is currently at 75 percent. For exports, they see themselves now as number one internationally. According to the management, the trend worldwide is leading to more mobility for older people and an increasing awareness for doing something actively for their mobility. In principle, movement trainers do not have a bad hand…

The CEO Peter Kopf is reflecting their concept in the following way:

“Our movement trainers are not merchant- driven products. You don’t need a movement trainer in order to master everyday life. However: THERA-training can normally be executed on a daily basis with a low amount of time and with little effort. This is precisely what the user benefits from. Because for people with mobility restrictions, the following applies: A rolling stone gathers no moss.“


Travelling with Alber products not a problem at all

When looking outside the window into the rainy days, one cannot believe summer has started already – in other words: one has every reason to go on vacation!

Alber products are ideal for that!

Apart from being low weighted, Alber products are modular in design and can be dismantled from the wheelchair and stowed away easily – no matter if you travel by car or by air.

If part of the journey involves flying, the batteries can also be disconnected from the wheel and carried separately – all batteries are certified for airline transportation.

We strongly recommend obtaining the approval by corresponding Airline Company before commencement date respectively.