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New Biofeedback programs for THERA-vital

The new biofeedback programs for THERA-vital with 10,4”-colour display and touch function are available!  For More information please call ‘The Rehabilitation Centre’ on 08 82451123

By active exercising the patient moves the keeper in order to catch as many balls as possible. The keeper will be moved upwards by pedalling actively (increasing the speed). If the speed is decreased, the keeper will be moved downwards. The biofeedback “Keeper” is compatible with leg trainer and upper torso trainer.


In this training program the patient should move the hedgehog to the left or right by putting more effort to the left or right legs. The aim is to burst as many balloons or other objects that are falling down with help of the hedgehog .The biofeedback “Hedgehog” is only compatible with leg trainer.


The aim of this training program is to overtake the cars by active exercising. In order to overtake the vehicles the patient needs to pedal faster than the preset speed (passive speed). The patient could move the car to the right or left side of the street by putting more effort to the corresponding legs.The biofeedback “Car” is only compatible with leg trainer.


The aim of this training program is to move the space shuttle up respectively down in order to avoid the other space shuttles and planets. It is possible to train excentrically and concentrically. In the concentrical training, the patient has to pedal with a given power to move the space shuttle. If the patient trains excentrically, he has to slowdown the prime mover. The biofeedback “Planet” is compatible with leg trainer and upper torso







Screw adhesive for Alber brackets

Up to now many screws on our brackets have been secured by locking washers e.g. toothed or fan-shaped washers. Based on many years of experience and various tests according to material and security combinations we gained new findings which we incorporate into our brackets at present.

Especially with aluminium brackets it turned out that material bonded connections (screw adhesive, glue, lacquer… ) are by far more superior to form fitting connections (toothed washer, fan shaped washer). Out of this reason we convert our brackets gradually to material bonded connections.


Bracket list for Alber products

Mounting of Alber products is possible in most of the manual wheelchairs. Please click on this link to have a overview of Alber bracket list:

Alber – Batteries for Airline Transportation

A big advantage of Alber products are their low weight and modularity. This makes it very easy to load into a car or go on vacation by plane.

Against the background, that travelling by plane is subject to certain safety regulations we provide certificates stating that our batteries meet the requirements according to IATA (International Air Transportation Association).

In any case you need them, please feel free to contact us.

We generally recommend inquiring about the transport provisions of a respective airline with regard to lithiumion or lead acid accumulators and batteries before embarking on a flight with that airline. Due to the frequent amendments of the respective regulations, which partly occur on an annual basis, our certificates are limited to a certain time frame.

More information at: