The Rehabilitation Centre

Alber Viamobil Eco

  • Two control options available for an easy and convenient handling.
  • Central control button for effortless control of all functions.
  • Intelligent spring system for excellent ride comfort and constant pressure.
  • Simple attachment to and removal from the wheelchair.
  • Low weight and compact design makes it easy to transport.
  • Individual adaptation to the operator.
  • Designed for a max. user weight of 120 kg.
  • Brake and push aid for descents or ascents of up to 10%.

Product Configuration

  • Control unit with intuitive ErgoDrive control concept. It has simple, energy-conserving handlebar control for forward/reverse. Infinitely adjustable speed press selection. Battery indicator.
  • Battery pack which ranges up to 17kms. Removable with little effort.
  • Drive unit with drive wheels of high grip, puncture-proof solid rubber. Automatic spring system for constant pressure and high passenger comfort.
  • Automatic adjustment charger.