The Rehabilitation Centre

Alber Scalamobil

  • Masters steps effortlessly.
  • Climbs up to 300 steps with a single battery charge.
  • Supports user weight up to 120 kg.
  • Tackles narrow and spiral staircases.
  • Stairs are not subject to damage or wear, thanks to the intelligent climbing system.
  • Four automatic brakes for maximum safety.
  • Can be fitted to most manual wheelchairs.
  • Patented safety sensors.
  • Scalamobil also comes with climbing height extension which comes under accessories.
  • Steps up to 25 cm in height can be climbed with height extension.
  • Also available with push chairs or integrated seat unit called, Scalacombi
  • Alber also manufacturer’s scalaport X7, in connection with the scalamobil, makes it possible to climb stairs with a great variety of wheelchairs, without the necessity to mount a bracket on each wheelchair or to remove the wheelchair’s drive wheels.
  • The scalachair X3 is another good alternative to a normal wheelchair, particularly in small rooms or where the staircase is narrow. this also belongs to the family of Scalamobil where the bracket for the scalamobil is integrated into the scalachair X3. The chair can be easily detached for use as a indoor push chair.

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