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E-Motion M-15

  • E-Motion M15 is the only power assist wheels in the market, which run on ultra long-lasting lithium-ion batteries which helps to cover more distance.
  • M15 comes with ECS ( Ergonomic Control System), which can be customized according to user’s needs.
  • E-motion has Rollback delay.
  • It has two power assistance levels and a battery capacity indicator on the ECS. ECS also has 10 programmable parameters.
  • ECS allows the user to do self-diagnosis of any faults.
  • The pulse on the push rim is detected by e-motion intelligent sensor and converted to the required degree of power assistance.
  • The power assistance even helps in boosting the break pulse, so it even helps driving down the slope with a relaxing experience.
  • E-motion always keep the user active: muscles and joints are relieved of stress while the body is trained.
  • Suitable for the majority of manual wheelchairs.
  • E-motion is easy to dismantle and transfer.

Product Configuration

  • E-motion M-15 has 22 x 1” or 24 x 1” standard pneumatic tires, which has a motor integrated into its wheel hub. It works on Quick-release device for easy attaching/removing of drive wheels. E-motion widens the wheelchair by 1-1.5” depending on the model of wheelchair.
  • The batteries once charged can easily cover a distance of around 16 miles . These batteries can be easily removed with quick release.  
  • ECS has a Rollback delay, once activated via ECS. It prevents wheelchair from rolling back while climbing inclines or ramps. ECS also have large buttons which are easy to use, with little effort. It has two assistance level and can be easily programmed according to user needs. 
  • E-motion is provided with an automatic charger, and the charging time is approximately around 6 hours. 

Click here for full product feature and specification for e-motion in PDF format

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