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Alber E-fix

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  • Alber E-fix converts a manual chair into a lightweight power wheelchair.
  • It is easy to dismantle and ideal for transport.
  • It fits most of the wheelchairs.
  • E-fix can manage gradients and slopes of up to 20%.
  • Batteries can run up to 16 kms. You can increase the range up to 30 kms with bigger batteries.
  • E-fix combines safety and technology.
  • With E-fix installed, wheelchairs can still remain foldable and portable.
  • Users can easily switch from power to manual operation with a quick turn of the wheel hubs.
  • The ergonomic joystick controller indicates battery capacity on a back lit LCD panel.
  • E-fix and Scalamobil can be installed on the same wheelchair with the same set of brackets, creating an electric stair-climbing power assist wheelchair!

Product Configuration

  • E-fix has a control unit  with a power switch, LCD which indicates battery capacity, error codes, speed and distance. Speed selection from (1.5–6 km/h). Buttons for menu and horn. It also has a removable hand rest as an accessories. 14 programmable parameters with automatic power-save.
  • The drive wheels comes in two sizes- 22″ and 24″.
  • The battery pack comes with a bag and distribution interface which is easy to remove and it weighs only 9 kg. The fuses are in the battery pack. A bigger battery pack (22 Ah) that offers a range of up to 30 km is available as an option. The battery pack can be also charged while still on the wheelchair or when separated .
  • It comes with an automatic quick charger and the charging time is approximately 6 hours.

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