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Alber Adventure

  • Full-suspension modular chassis, adjustable suspension.
  • Components can be easily dismantled and loaded even in a medium-sized car.
  • 2 drive wheels, 6km/hr, detachable.
  • Functions are user-friendly.
  • Control unit with a LCD display.
  • Two batteries pack , 17Ah, which can cover 45km range.
  • Anti-tippers with jack-up function.
  • Maximum permitted inclined 18%.
  • It offers inimitable safety, motor traction and driving comfort for electric wheelchairs.
  • In order to achieve optimum vibration dampening and stable driving, the exact adjustment of the chassis to the weight of the driver plays an important role.
  • ADVENTURE chassis allows complete adjustment of the spring suspension thereby fulfilling individual comfort requirements.
  • ADVENTURE excels on outdoor terrain, yet it’s also practical for everyday indoor use.
  • Control Unit with LCD display
  • Fully sprung chassis
  • Two anti-tip supports
  • Two quick release casters
  • Two hub-powered wheels
  • Standard seat unit
  • Automatic battery charger

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