The Rehabilitation Centre

Two words fulfill the target to describe the philosophy of our products and the brand Alber: We are the specialist for portable, versatile and user friendly power add-ons for wheelchairs. Simple to understand, simple to operate, simple to transport – simply mobile.

Our medical devices are developed and produced in our modern factory in Germany. Alber is the international market leader in the segment of power add-on drives.

Good products alone are nothing without professional advice. It is our aim to offer you competent, fast and friendly service throughout the complete value chain. To meet these standards on international markets, Alber products are sold exclusively by qualified distributors who provide competent and fast customer service.

Your enquiry will be forwarded to our distributor in your region.

  • Alber E-motion

    Alber E-motion

    E-Motion M-15 E-Motion M15 is the only power assist wheels in the market, which run on ultra long-lasting...

  • Alber E-fix

    Alber E-fix

    E-Fix Alber E-fix converts a manual chair into a lightweight power wheelchair. It is easy to dismantle and...

  • Alber Scalamobil

    Alber Scalamobil

    Masters steps effortlessly. Climbs up to 300 steps with a single battery charge. Supports user weight up to...

  • Alber Adventure

    Alber Adventure

    Full-suspension modular chassis, adjustable suspension. Components can be easily dismantled and loaded even...

  • Alber Scalacombi Eco

    Alber Scalacombi Eco

    Stair climber with integrated seat. Masters steps of all kinds with little effort. Climbs up to 200 steps...

  • Alber Viamobil

    Alber Viamobil

    Pushing and braking without exertion. Overcomes slopes of up to 18%. Max. permittel total weight 210 kg....

  • Alber Viamobil Eco

    Alber Viamobil Eco

    Two control options available for an easy and convenient handling. Central control button for effortless...